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Wedding Planning for Busy Couples

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

5 Tips for Balancing Work and Wedding Planning Without Going Crazy!

Is wedding planning starting to feel more like a full-time job?

It’s easy for visions of saying I Do to take over your life until the day you walk down the aisle. But that doesn’t mean your wedding should outshine your work. You still need to make a living, and your boss, co-workers, and clients deserve your undivided attention when you’re on the clock.

Easier said than done, right?

You want your wedding day to be perfect, but the harder you try to plan your dream wedding, the more it feels like you’re leaving the rest of your life hanging in the balance.

Check out our five expert tips to balance your work and wedding planning and keep your sanity intact:

#1 - Separate Work and Wedding Planning

When you’re in the wedding planning zone, you’re likely not giving work or emails a second thought. So why can’t you pause your wedding daydreams while you’re at work?

A few emails to vendors is fine, but skip the long lunches creating Pinterest boards and visiting venues. You’re getting paid to work and should be present in both body and mind. Otherwise, the quality of your work may suffer.

But perhaps most importantly, it gives your mind an escape from the wedding zone. Wedding planning can consume you if you’re not careful. You start agonizing over the little details until your dream day becomes a stressful nightmare.

Stick to a wedding planning schedule and use your work day as a respite from the mind-boggling details and tasks.

#2 - Don’t Try to DIY

Websites like The Knot and Pinterest should inspire, but too often they become a bride-to-be’s worst enemy. You find the decor of your dreams and think you can save money by making it yourself.

But keep in mind that you always trade time for money, and vice versa. What you might save in money, you may end up paying with several hours of your life you’ll never be able to recoup.

Our best advice? Skip the DIY, at least for the most part. Unless you’re already a crafty person, you may be unsatisfied with the results, which may end up costing you more than if you’d just bought your decor pre-made.

#3 - Lean on Your Wedding Party

Your wedding party can be treasured resources to help you complete tasks. Think about what you might be able to outsource to a bridesmaid, such as making a few phone calls or sharing details about dress fittings.

The people in your wedding party aren’t just there to stand with you at the altar. They care about you and want to help you have the best day of your life. Don’t be afraid to lean on them for a little extra help during the planning process - most of them will likely say yes!

#4 - Take Advantage of Vacation Days

If you’ve got some extra vacation time built up, use it to take care of wedding planning activities. This can help you separate time for lengthy wedding activities, like visiting venues or going to cake tastings, without taking over your weekends.

Just make sure you save enough time off for your honeymoon so you can melt away all the stresses of wedding planning - together.

#5 - Partner with a Professional Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can be the most valuable addition to your special day. If you’re struggling to find enough time to tackle everything in your life, you may find that a professional wedding planner can help you achieve your wedding dreams without the stress that comes with doing it all yourself.

Are you counting the days until you say I Do? Contact us today to see how we can help you turn your wedding dreams into a stress-free experience and get the happily ever after you deserve!

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