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Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

You said, “Yes”! But before you say "I Do", you’ve got some planning to do.

Why hire a wedding planner to take the reigns when this day is all about you?


Maybe you’ve spent years building the perfect wedding Pinterest board and guided your best friend through their wedding. Maybe you haven’t thought much further than the ring on your finger. Either way, you’re excited, stressed, and wondering where to even begin. Whether you know every last detail of your wedding or have no idea what you want, a wedding planner can make the road to your big day much smoother.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons why a wedding planner is totally worth it.

They Help You Stay on Schedule and on Budget

More than anything, a wedding planner is great for one simple task: keeping you on track, schedule-wise and budget-wise.

The average wedding costs about $33,931, which is a difficult price to swallow given that 67% of the population have less than $1,000 in savings. While a wedding planner might seem like another fee you can’t afford, the reality is that a wedding planner can actually help save you money.

Let’s say that like most couples, you have a clear idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding. Do you know how your budget will break down to cover every individual expense? If the answer is no, a wedding planner can help break it down for you.

They Take Responsibilities Off Your Plate

Working with a wedding planner keeps everything stress-free for everyone involved. Most couples are busy people. They have full-time jobs and lives to worry about. The thing is, planning a wedding is a full-time job in itself - which is why it’s tremendously helpful to hire someone who plans weddings as a full-time profession.

Rather than worrying about the details, you can let your wedding planner focus on scheduling appointments, making arrangements with vendors, and ironing out minor issues. All you need to do is make the big decisions - and enjoy preparing for your wedding.

This is a better arrangement for vendors too. Many vendors actually prefer working with wedding planners being that the whole process is more streamlined and efficient.

They Have Insider Knowledge and Relationships

When it comes to your big day, wedding planners know the drill. They’ve been there and done that in all areas of weddings you can think of (and even a few that you can’t), which means that when you need something handled, they know exactly how to handle it.

Figuring out your cake? They can give you a breakdown of all the local bakeries and caterers, along with recommendations on the rest of your menu.

Figuring out your bouquet and flower arrangements? They know several florists and can help you pick the right one to match your vision and budget.

More than that, wedding planners know how to handle everything efficiently. You could spend weeks researching, asking friends for recommendations, and compiling a wedding planning checklist, or you could let a wedding planner give you the right answer on the first try.

Ready to Plan Your Big Day?

So, why hire a wedding planner? The simple answer is this: you deserve to enjoy your special day without the stress of wedding planning to slow you down.

We offer comprehensive wedding planning services, whether you want a bit of guidance or someone to steer the whole process for you. If you’re ready to see how amazing your wedding can be, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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