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Hi Sunshine!

I’m Amelia: wife to my best friend, mother to three amazing guys, and bespoke wedding planner (hopefully yours soon)!


Planning a happily ever after isn’t just my passion - it’s a calling. From my teen years planning birthday parties for my friends through my 20s planning weddings for those same friends, I’ve always believed that every event should tell a story - YOUR story!


Your wedding day should be as unique as the love that brought you together, which is why I specialize in bespoke wedding planning that highlights all those beautiful little details of your love story. You have as much or as little say-so in the planning as you like, while I work hard behind the scenes making phone calls, scheduling appointments, and preparing every last nuance to make your wedding day perfection.


ASE was born to help lower your stress and give you back your day. Go take your lunch without having to send an email or make a call. Go on that date with your better half. Go to that concert with your friends. Go enjoy your engagement and life while I take care of your wedding plans.

I can’t wait to hear all of your details! We can chat over brunch, grab a coffee, or whatever suits your style while we plan the most exciting day of your life.


Fun Facts


I have cried as every single one of my couples said "I DO"!

I am a very fast reader (not Spencer Reid fast)

Can you spot me working in the photos below?


Favorite Food: Rice, Cheese, Almost anything with cheese (just not rice with cheese)

Accessory: A gorgeous yet spacious bag


TV Shows: The Good Doctor, The Walking Dead, 911, Grace and Frankie


Quality time with my family!



Coffee, comfortable blanket and a good book


Red wine and good music

Binge watching on Netflix

Want to have your day back?

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